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The Foundation for Student Opportunity is an independent, nonprofit corporation that partners with Title I schools to create opportunities for students through educational programming and projects.


By developing our foundation, we create choices for families who don't want their children just to be another number in the school system. We assure that we provide enhanced opportunity, room for growth, and incredible preparatory services to our students to create a personalized educational atmosphere for student to discover their identity and potential.

We aim to be flexible with the needs of the title I community, which is why we operate on a project-to-project basis, with an overarching fellowship outreach program.

We select projects with schools based on these four criteria: 

School Development

The core of helping students is to first ensure that the environment in which they learn is a safe, enjoyable place. This is why we aim to support schools in obtaining the resources they need to thrive.

College Preparation

Reducing the school-to-prison pipeline is necessary, and we must act quickly. Ensuring college prep through our fellowship program fosters lifetime learning and student relationships.

Culture, Art, and Civic Engagement

Not only do we focus on a student's academic experiences, but their passion for the arts, social engagement, and cultural development through extracurricular programming.

Family Grants & Support

Of course, we also take into account that sometimes, the best way to help is through pure financial assistance and funding, thus, we always consider the idea of grants and other family support.

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About Fellowship


The Fellowship Program at FSO is a college and scholarship mentorship program that partners current undergraduate, graduate, and recent graduates with high school students to assist them throughout the college and scholarship application process. 

The FSO Fellows program allows for current Graduate and Undergraduate students in institutions across the country to serve the Foundation and its community through direct leadership in the board of directors and the administration of various college preparatory programs for our Title I students.

Our pillars of collaboration, engagement, preparation, and advising shape our concept of students empowering students.


Students who recently experienced the college application process will be best positioned to share their perspectives in advice. 

English Tutor

Directed by Students.


Alexandra Drakeford

Director, Student Fellowship Programs

  • LinkedIn

Alexandra is a Junior at American University and Student Chair of the Fellowship Board. She is a Fredrick Douglas Scholar (one of the most prestigious, merit-based scholars programs for Honors students in America today), Woman of the Year, and the Princeton Prize in Race Relations recipient. She is currently the President of the American University College Democrats.

Committee Memberships: Fellowship (Chair)


Sam Hiner

Associate Director, Student Fellowship Programs

  • LinkedIn

Sam is an undergraduate student at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill studying Public Policy and is the Founder and President of the NC Young People's Alliance, a youth nonprofit that encourages political activism and voter registration.

Committee Memberships: Fellowship (Vice Chair)


Fellows lead collaboration within our community with students, board members, faculty, administration, and the local community to engage in discussions, engagement, and community projects.


Whether it is student activism, community service, or building foundational relationships, our fellows lead students to achieving great things.


Fellows implement preparation programs, such as college application assistance or resume workshops to prepare students for the next step.


Fellows advise students on their college applications, extracurricular decision-making, athletics, and any other decisions a student may need help with.

Image by Daniel Weiss

Foundation Leadership

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Jeffrey Foster, MAT

Founding President

Foundation Chancellor

  • LinkedIn

Jeffrey Foster is the Co-Founder and Chancellor of The Foundation for Student Opportunity. Jeffrey serves as the Interim Head of School for a title I school in downtown Charlotte, NC. Jeffrey has served in various educational capacities as an educator and administrator, and has a plethora of leadership experience ranging from the school principal to an executive director. Jeffrey has a Master of Arts in teaching and is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Urban Education from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte.

Committee Memberships: Executive, Internal Affairs (Vice Chair)


Jacob Dane Chilton

Vice President

Associate Vice Chancellor

  • LinkedIn

Jacob Dane Chilton is an experienced leader with five years of experience working in the Title I sector. Dane has served in various roles across the country and globe ranging from experience in Business Acquisitions, Corporate Compliance to his most recent role as a community development coordinator at an urban Title I school. Dane is currently attending IE Law School in Madrid, Spain studying International Comparative Law.


Committee Memberships: Executive, Internal Affairs, Fellowship


To ensure that our students have ample opportunity, access, and potential for growth in education and beyond; we strive to maintain a board of directors who are committed, passionate and share the same goal of improving our children's lives. This is why we are committed to maintaining a truly diverse board. This included diversity in occupation, location, education, age, sex, orientation, race, identity, culture, and more. Our board is a business-focused and passionate group of volunteers who are driven to provide excellence for our partner students and schools.

© 2022 The Foundation for Student Opportunity, Inc. (501c3 Pending) | EIN: 88-2951201 | Legally Registered in North Carolina, USA

Board of Trustees

© 2022 The Foundation for Student Opportunity, Inc. (501c3 Pending) | EIN: 88-2951201 | Legally Registered in North Carolina, USA

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